The world of vitamins and supplements has become vast and can be overwhelming. The daunting task of deciding which products are best for you and understanding how to select the highest quality product often ends in defeat. Healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr. Gunn hopes to make your healthful journey easier. We have compiled a list of supplement and vitamin brands and/or vendors Dr. Gunn trusts and recommends to patients along with their corresponding links for ordering. When ordering and/or creating your profile with the vendors listed below, you may need to add Shore Wellness and Med Spa as the ‘Professional Connection’, add a referral code or search for Dr. William E Gunn as your physician. Keep in mind, we maintain an inventory of quite a few of the brands for in-person purchase within our office. Our goal is to make the process of ‘following doctor’s orders’ and optimizing your health as seamless as possible.

Pure Encapsulations


Researched Nutritionals

code word: GUNMD

Woodland Essence

Rain Tree


referral id is 3434090

Swanson Vitamins

HealerCBD Affiliate

How we chose these vitamin brands

Dr. Gunn assembled this list of vitamins and/or supplement vendors based on quality. He looks for supplements made from high quality ingredients that are free of artificial additives, such as colors or preservatives? 

A note on personalized vitamins

A few of the vendors listed above offer specific and sometimes individualized vitamins, which are customized supplements made for you based on the results of a health screening or questionnaire.

However, companies may not disclose the exact ingredients or amounts in these products. As such, the choosing of reputable companies, if you decide to buy personalized vitamins, is of high importance.

The brands above are all transparent about their supplements and ingredients.  Even with that said, please contact the office if you are interested in purchasing a supplement/vitamin not specifically recommended to you by Dr. Gunn.