Shore Wellness and Med Spa is excited to announce our new Peptide Therapy program.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acid residues with remarkable biological functions. Peptide therapies are a quickly evolving therapeutic area of medicine with wide-ranging impacts on clinical care and patient health. Why should you consider Peptide therapy?

The following are some benefits achieved with Peptide therapy!

dna strandAnti-Aging & Regeneration

Support longevity, reduce risk of certain disease, symptom management, and aid recovery.

head with gears in it Cognitive Function

Help naturally restore appropriate mental function or improve conditions and symptoms of mental distress

lightning bolt inside a circleEnergy

Gain more energy and reduce fatigue with peptides that support mitochondrial function, help optimize sleep-wake cycles, and enhance absorption of B vitamins

cartoon drawing of the human gut Gut & Immune Health

Reduce and address disruption of the microbiome with peptides that support gut health optimization and help for autoimmune disorders that originate in the gut

cartoon arm lifting a weight Performance

support improvements in strength, speed, endurance, recovery, and lean body mass

male and female symbolReproductive & Sexual Health

Help enhance sexual performance, desire, and support reproductive function

cartoon scaleWeight Management

Support improved metabolism, efficient weight management, and better overall health

For example, Sermorelin is a widely sought-after peptide. It is known for its anti-aging properties. In conjunction with the right treatment plan, Sermorelin has been shown to decrease body fat, improve weight loss, improve muscle recovery, promote better sleep, enhance immune function, cellular repair and collagen production.